what services do we provide

Bloom is a creative agency. We want to help make all of your fantasies come true. We come up with design concepts for photoshoots, birthdays, weddings and events. We also provide custom flower crowns for any event!  Our flower crowns are made from the best quality silk flowers! We stand by our brand because we only offer the best of service and quality.


Our crowns range from $65.00 US to $350.00 US. We also require a  non-refundable consultation fee that is included in the price of your crown or crowns. 

The price is determined by the style you want, the materials to make the crown and the time it will take to make the crown. 

We are willing to negotiate the prices for bulk orders. And give a percentage off of the price for 8+ crowns. 

photoshoot rentals/ promo

Bloom Ayiti crowns are not free. We are able to rent out pre-made crowns for photoshoots and promo. We require credit to be given to Bloom Ayiti on all forums where the media will be shown. 

To build a specific look for a photoshoot or any other media promotion will fall under the category of being booked. Only Bloom Ayiti will determine whether it is a true advertising/ pro-bono opportunity. Once it is determined that a concept needs to be drafted, one would be directed to go through Bloom Ayiti's formal booking process.

Level 1 crown rentals: $35/ each

Levels 2/3 crown rentals: $45-60/ each

Levels 4/5/6 crown rentals: $75-100/ each

Another option for photographers to consider is just to rent/ purchase a bulk order of crowns. We will give the wholesale price.

booking our services

To book our services for styling or concept for an event or photoshoot you will need to pay a $50.00 US  non- refundable consultation fee that is included in the price. We will not meet or show any ideas until the the fee is paid. You will not be able to keep the concept packet/ presentation until the balance of our services is paid. 

Please book online. We will contact you with in 2 business days. 

The prices for the crowns and concept adaption are separate costs.

We respect your time and we prefer our time is respected as well. Cancelation of any appointment must be made 24 hours in advance unless it is an emergency. If the cancelation is not warranted or there are many cancelations or tardies an inconvenience fee will be added. That is non- refundable. 

We operate in the highest level of communication and professionalism and we expect our customers to do the same. We are at liberty to shut down any booking at anytime if we feel that the booking is not operating with our standards.