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Welcome to Donna Ray's

This collection is very personal to me. I have always wanted to translate my life and experiences in different ways and this line does just that. The collection is named after my amazing mother. I wanted to give her tribute and have her name be said by people all over the world who didn't even know who she was. Each earring reflects a piece of my life and growing up in Georgia. Each piece is handmade. Each piece is designed with a lot of love. Each piece is unique. I hope you enjoy. 


Star Formation

UNIVERSE collection.

This collection is inspired by RENAISSANCE! I was admiring all the fashions and expressions of everyone who has gone to the concert this far and I am so enthralled by the uniqueness. It made me expand my scope to be in awe of the differentiations we have in our universe. WE are UNIQUE. We are LIFE. WE are ART.

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